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It's always the perfect time to start martial arts training.  Caring instructors help beginners join classes easily.  
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Children 7 & Up
Schedule a 30-minute introductory lesson with one of our certified lead instructors. We'll get your child ready to get the most out of our classes and answer all your questions. 
Option 1:  Start Training with a Personal Introductory Session
Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute introduction with one of our caring certified instructors. We'll help you tailor your training to your fitness and personal development goals. This is the perfect way to start your journey toward earning a Black Belt in Taekwondo.
Teens and Adults
Choose the path that matches your learning style and goals.
Option 2: 3-Week Trial Lets You Try Several Classes
Students 12 and up can register for a 3-week trial membership (only $45) and try as many classes as they like, from Korean sword to healing movement.  If you register after 3-weeks, you'll get a free uniform and white belt.  Start your no-obligation trial today!  

Little Tigers Ages 4-6

Our youngest students need the continuity of 8-week sessions. Registration opens 4 weeks before the session begins. In the meantime, come see a Little Tiger Class. Our family-friendly parent area makes watching classes easy and comfortable. Let us know you’re coming, and we can help you find the best time to see a class most like the one your child would take.
Cincinnati Taekwondo Center

3600 Red Bank Rd

Cincinnati OH
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CTC is at the borders of Hyde Park, Fairfax, and Mariemont.

Turn off Red Bank onto Woodland Rd. at the traffic light north of  Red Bank Rd Exit to the Columbia Parkway. 

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