Meet Our Staff and Instructors


Paul Korchak

Founder / Owner

6th Degree Black Belt

Paul Korchak is life-time educator and promoter of martial arts training. Over twenty years ago he founded Cincinnati Taekwondo Center to focus on professional, personal, and individualized martial arts instruction for all ages and abilities. He has a degree in Education from Xavier University and is an innovator in age-appropriate martial arts curriculum for children of all ages. He enjoys teaching students from the youngest Little Tigers to senior Black Belts. He is a skilled teacher of adults, training them to meet their highest potential both in specialized self-defense classes as well as adult Taekwondo. He was the first certified Kimoodo instructor and has developed a full healing arts program specializing in mind/body personal development for people of all abilities. He is a teacher and mentor to all of the instructors at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center who learn to teach others through his comprehensive instructor training program that allows advanced students to become assistant instructors then lead instructors through classes and supervised practice teaching.

Tommy Barker

Taekwondo Lead Instructor

Mr. Barker is the only instructor who teaches in all of the Taekwondo programs from Little Tigers to Adult.  He began studying Taekwondo seven years ago at St. Mary's School when he was in elementary school. He recently earned his 3rd degree Black Belt. He is also the director of the Black Belt Club.
Outside of CTC, Mr. Barker is an Education major at the University of Cincinnati. He is studying to be a middle school teacher in science and social studies. We are grateful to have Mr. Barker's leadership and excellent teaching skills at CTC!

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Rick Beard

4th Degree Black Belt

Senior Instructor

Children's Taekwondo Program Director

Mr. Beard began training at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center in 2001, and he has been a taekwondo instructor for 12 years. He is a graduate of Miami University and enjoys teaching children's classes. He is currently both Children's Program Director and CTC Vice President in charge of finance.  Mr. Beard's favorite thing about teaching martial arts is what he learns from kids that he teaches.

Chris Benson

Little Tiger Lead Instructor

Mr. Benson can often be seen teaching Little Tiger classes at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center. Now a lead instructor, he got his start in the Little Tiger Program assisting Miss Claire as a belt requirement when he was 13. He has no younger brothers or sisters, but discovered, to his surprise, that he really loved working with young children.  He enrolled in the CTC instructor training program and has grown into one of our top lead teachers.

Outside of CTC, Mr. Benson is a Senior at Mariemont High School and an avid soccer player.  He plans to go to college to study engineering next year. He's already been accepted at Ohio State and is waiting to hear from several other top-ranked schools.

Carla Cherry

Assistant Instructor Children's & Adult Taekwondo

Gumdo Assistant Program Director

1st Degree Black Belt

Ms. Cherry has been training at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center since 2011 and has been an instructor for the past two years.  When she's not helping students reach their martial arts goals, she writes songs, sings, and plays bass guitar in a band. She's a multi-talented artist, an avid reader, and a mom.

Bella Dell'Aira

Little Tiger Assistant Director

1st Degree Black Belt

Ms. Dell’Aira is a popular Little Tiger instructor and the Assistant Director of the Little Tiger program. She began training at CTC five years ago and loves the way training builds confidence, relieves stress, and provides opportunities for fun exercise. She enjoys sharing the value she’s found in Taekwondo training with young children, helping them discover the fun of physical fitness and self-defense.  She is currently a student at Northern Kentucky University where she is studying graphic design.

Kristin Dietsche

Kimoodo Program Director

2nd Degree Black Belt

Ms. Dietsche has been training at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center since 2002 when she began taking taekwondo classes with her daughter.  After earning a Black Belt, Ms. Dietsche turned her interest to the healing art of Kimoodo and became CTC's first Kimoodo Black Belt. Martial arts training led her to become interested in fitness and sports medicine, and she went back to school to become a certified personal trainer. She regularly teaches Kimoodo classes at CTC and leads meditation sessions for taekwondo students.

Scott Francis

Instructor Adult Taekwondo

3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Francis has been training at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center since 2002, and he's been teaching for almost ten years.  He's the regular instructor of Saturday morning adult class where he enjoys passing on the philosophical aspects of martial arts and seeing how quickly training can help students develop self-confidence and greater comfort in their own bodies. When he's not teaching taekwondo, he is a writer, editor and father of two.

Jen Knarr

Gumdo Program Director

Ms. Knarr is a 4th Degree Black Belt who has been teaching at CTC for 15 years. As the Director of the Gumdo Program, she has made sword class the most popular program in the school, with students training from beginner to Black Belt. When she's not training or teaching with her signature grace and contagious smile, she styles hair at the Northside chop shop, creates her own line of innovative skin care products, rehabs her new house, or has a blast with her 2 sons.

Jolene Pappas

Black Belt Program Director

Ms. Pappas has been teaching at CTC for more than 10 years and has been a part of the school since she was a Little Tiger herself. She loves to see growth and improvement in students of all ages and at all levels of training. She currently teaches Monday evening adult class. She also coordinates the school’s rigorous Black Belt testing process and supports our most advanced students through this life-changing journey. When not training at CTC she teaches high school biology and spends time with her family.

Trudy Tucker


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