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Master Knarr and Mrs. Cherry will lead a new session of the CTC Exhibition Team for the summer of 2024 (Term 11). This special activity allows students to express their martial arts skills in a way like no other, while enjoying camaraderie with other students. We look for people who are enthusiastic and want to push the boundaries

as to what we can do as a group. The commitment we ask for is to attend weekly practices and

participate in the special events that end the term.


Qualification Requirements are as follows: 

   1) Students must be a green belt or above. Typically the age range is 11-18 years old. If you are younger or older,          and auditioning for the first time, please speak with one of the coaches before you submit your application.

   2) Submit an Application by Wednesday, May 29. The applications will be available here on this page in early April.

   3) Attend the Audition-Workshop on May 31. Everyone who wants to participate on the team must attend.

       If you absolutely can’t make it, please contact us in advance via to arrange

       an alternative time.  

   4) Team members must able to attend all practices and dress rehearsals. The practice dates and times will be

       outlined in advance on the application form. 


The Main Event for this term will be a performance at the Annual CTC Social on Saturday, September 7, 2024.

We typically have a dress-rehearsal/parent preview the evening before (Sept. 6). Both of these dates are

non-negotiable for attendance.


The Audition-Workshop for Term 11 will be held on Friday, May 31 at 6 p.m. It will end at 

approximately 7:30 p.m. During this session, students may be asked to perform the following:


    • Fight/Defense sequences, which you will have the opportunity to create with a partner or small group

    • Board Break of your choice (1-2 boards), showing your most advanced technique(s)

    • Form(s), which you will already know, and should be able to demonstrate with the group

    • A form or fight sequence that we teach you during the session

    • (Optional) Short demonstration of any special skills you can do (such as gymnastics, dance,

       or special weapons work)


Practice Sessions are typically two hours long, and often held on Friday evenings. During the summer, some practices may be held during the day. The kick-off practice, when we create a lot of the material, will likely be during the day and will be four hours, with a snack break in the middle. As mentioned, the schedule will be outlined in the application packet. Practices are mandatory unless the student is ill or has a pre-planned obligation that you have informed us about in advance. Anyone who misses frequently may have their parts altered or omitted from the routine.


The Participation Fee is $45 per month for (3) installments, which will be automatically billed monthly, starting the first month of practice. There may also be a small equipment fee if we need to purchase weapons or extra items for the group.


The Team Uniform is a white crossover dobok top with red trim, and black dobok pants. You must purchase your own uniform if you do not already have one; however, loaners or rentals of certain items might be available, depending on size.


Team members will be informed of acceptance via email by June 2.  We’re not only looking for candidates with skill sets that fit with the intended presentation, but we also consider energy, enthusiasm, maturity, commitment, and especially the ability to work well with others.


If you or your child is interested in participating in Term 11, please send an email to with the student’s name, age, and belt rank. We will send you the application link when it is available. 

Contact Coaches Knarr or Cherry through
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