Women's Self Defense


Cincinnati Taekwondo Center
3600 Red Bank Rd. Cincinnati
(513) 271-6900
Saturday, April 8, 2017
3:30 - 7:00 PM
3.5-hour hands-on workshop


This hands-on seminar offers women of all ages the opportunity to learn and practice effective strategies for avoiding a dangerous attack plus easy-to-remember techniques for fighting back.


Supportive, certified instructors help women of all abilities to build confidence and learn the skills and mental focus they need to stay safe. Topics include:

  • Predicting, preventing, and avoiding potential attacks

  • Fighting off larger and stronger attackers

  • Defending against an attacker with a knife

  • Using pepper spray and make-shift weapons for self-defense


Cost:  $65

Purchase before March 26, only $55

Registration closes April 3, or when seminar fills


Information and Registration: 



Cincinnati Taekwondo Center

3600 Red Bank Rd

Cincinnati OH
(513) 271-6900


CTC is at the borders of Hyde Park, Fairfax, and Mariemont.

Turn off Red Bank onto Woodland Rd. at the traffic light north of  Red Bank Rd Exit to the Columbia Parkway. 

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