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Adult/Teen Three Week Trial

If you are an adult or teen age 13 and up wanting to try Martial Arts, we have the perfect opportunity for you. For only $45.00 you can come to unlimited classes in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kimoodo for three weeks. At the end of the trial period, we will give you a free uniform with your enrollment. Sign up today!

Summer Camp

We have planned a summer full of martial arts camps for your Tigers (ages 4-6) and Children (ages 7-12) to enjoy. Attending summer camp is a great way for students to keep their skills fresh and even advance in their training, since each week of class equals 10 class hours for students in the Children’ Program. Sign-up today!

Summer Camp 2014

2014 Calendar and Winter Schedule

Below are links to next year’s calendar and the new winter schedule.  There have been no changes in children’s or adult/teen class times.  The Tiger schedule has been modified.

2014 Calendar

2014 Spring Schedule

Boxing 4 Fitness Class at CTC!

We are now offering Boxing 4 Fitness at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center. Boxing instructor Rob Radford tailors his instruction to the abilities of the students. Rob has trained all types of individuals, from MMA champions to older folks wanting to build strength. Whatever your fitness goals, Rob will help you get there.

The first class is FREE! Check out this flyer for more details.boxing_flyer2

Welcome To Cincinnati Taekwondo Center

At CTC, we teach a style of Taekwondo called Moogong-ryu (Guardians of Peace). This system combines traditional elements of Taekwondo with elements of Hapkido, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and weapons training.  Moogong-ryu takes into account the entire person: mind, body, and spirit.  In addition to the self-defense skills of the martial arts, we incorporate training in proper breathing, meditation, physical toughness, goal setting, and leadership skills.

For potential students 7 years old and up, simply call us at 271-6900 to schedule a FREE half-hour private lesson with one of our black belt instructors. Little Tiger classes are designed to be easy to transition into, so no introductory lesson is needed.