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About Cincinnati Taekwondo Center


Cincinnati Taekwondo Center offers all aspects of Martial Arts training in unified and carefully integrated programs of Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Gumdo. Students will not only learn techniques particular to those disciplines, but will also focus weekly on specific aspects of their training, such as forms practice, self-defense, breaking practice, and sparring. The programs are designed to develop health, strength, and mental focus, to prepare individuals to be advocates for safe and peaceful interactions with others.


The school was founded in 1989 to provide personalized Martial Arts training with a focus on the growth and development of the whole person. Although based in traditional Korean teaching, the training at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center draws from the best of the Martial Arts—Karate, Judo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu—and is geared to each individual’s needs and abilities. 


Our system, called Moogong-Ryu or Guardian of the Peace, takes into account the entire person: mind, body,

and spirit. In addition to the self-defense skills of the Martial Arts, Moogong-Ryu incorporates training in proper breathing, meditation, strength and fitness, goal setting, and leadership skills.


Cincinnati Taekwondo Center is affiliated with the Oriental Martial Arts College (OMAC), headquartered in Columbus Ohio. OMAC was founded by Supreme Grandmaster and 10th degree black belt Joon P. Choi who founded the holistic Moogong Ryu system in Korea in 1963. While Martial Arts schools from all over the world are affiliated with OMAC, our CTC students have the opportunity to train at camps, seminars and senior classes offered in Columbus, once they begin advancing toward black belt. 


Cincinnati Taekwondo Center is a member school of the Ohio State Taekwondo Association, USA Taekwondo, and World Taekwondo Federation.

Meet the CTC Directors and Staff

Cincinnati Taekwondo Center's caring instructors and staff not only provide expert instruction in skill, they guide and support personal development and growth, while challenging students to meet their highest potential. All of our instructors are certified by the school. They have not only trained extensively in the Martial Arts, but also have undertaken ongoing professional training in education best-practices and in supervised teaching practicums. Our instructors lead by recognizing successes, inspiring personal discipline, and encouraging positive attitudes.


Our directors devise the curriculum and set the standards for the programs, as well as lead instruction. Many of the directors and other staff run the day-to-day operations of the business as well. Our friendly front desk staff is always eager to help. Our personnel is made up of instructors and parents of students; they know the ropes and can help you find just what you need. 



Rick Beard

5th Dan/Owner Cincinnati Taekwondo Center

Jolene Pappas

5th Dan


Max Kravitz

5th Dan


Jen Knarr

5th Dan/Gumdo Program Director

Rob Porter

5th Dan

Scott Francis

4th Dan

Tommy Barker

4th Dan

Kevin Dietrich

4th Dan/Hapkido Program Director

Carla Cherry

3rd Dan

Trudy Tucker

2nd Dan/Kimoodo Program Director

Brenda Marsh

2nd Dan/Little Tigers Program Director

Additional Current Instructors​

​Jonathan Snelting, 3rd Dan Taekwondo

Lisa Burwinkel, 3rd Dan Taekwondo

Owen Cummings, 3rd Dan Taekwondo

Amber Ziegler, 2nd Dan Hapkido

Eric Ziegler, 2nd Dan Hapkido

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