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Programs for Adults and Teens

Come Train With Us


Martial Arts Training for Adults and Teens


Martial arts training at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center offers the best fitness

and functional workout plus individualized personal growth and development.

All ages and ability levels welcome.



Health and Fitness

  • Self Defense

  • Mental Focus

  • Self-Confidence

  • Supportive Environment

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Stress Reduction and Resilience

Teens, especially may also find that martial arts helps to develop leadership and self-confidence, life-long friendships, and better grades, as well as stronger problem solving skills. 


Whether you are new to martial arts or coming back to training, Cincinnati Taekwondo Center has the right program for you.  Learn Taekwondo, Hapkido, Gumdo (Sword), or Kimoodo (similar to Tai Chi).


Adult and Teen Taekwondo


"Taekwondo" means "Way of the foot and hand." This traditional Korean martial art includes self-defense, fitness training, sparring, kicking, and hand techniques. Work your way to earning a Black Belt as you learn physical skills and meet your own training goals.

Hapkido: The Way of Coordinated Power


This Korean martial art focuses mostly on self-defense, and teaches a variety of arm and leg joint locks, take-downs, throwing maneuvers, kicking, weapon techniques, and nerve pressure techniques.


Gumdo: Art of the Korean Sword


Learn sword strikes and blocks to execute forms, spar with a padded sword, and defend against other sword-wielders. Test your skill by extinguishing candles or slicing bamboo mats with one perfect stroke. 

Kimoodo: The Way of Life Energy


Much like Tai Chi, Kimoodo uses Martial Arts movements and techniques that involve stretching and breathing to obtain and maintain good physical and mental health. This gentle approach has been shown to improve flexibility, balance, muscle awareness, and mental focus. Join us in exploring the peaceful side of martial arts.

Choose your path and take the first step today!

Introductory Package with Personal Introduction


Begin with a no-obligation, 30-minute introduction. One of our certified instructors will introduce you to our school and training basics before you join a class for the first time. We'll help tailor your training to your fitness and personal development goals. The introductory package includes a uniform and white belt, as well as access to our introductory online curriculum and school handbook. Call or email today to arrange for your personal introduction.

Sampler Package

Students age 13 and up can register for a

3-week sampler membership for only $45, and try an unlimited amount of classes in any of the three programs over a 21-day period. This is the perfect starting point if you aren't sure which of our programs is the best fit. If you register for any of our programs at the end of the 3 weeks, you will be awarded your white belt and given a free uniform. Start your trial today!  


Call 513-271-6900 to register.

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