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• TERM 11 •

Thank you, everyone, who auditioned for Term 11 of the CTC Exhibition Team. Everyone performed well, but we had to make some hard decisions about the composition of the team. If your name is not on the list below, it does not mean you didn't do well at the audition, it just means that your skill set was not a match for what we need for this term. With a large number auditioning this time, we had to pare it down to make the group size manageable enough for us to put together a good routine in a short amount of time. 


Team Members for Term 11 

(in order of belt rank, then age):


Scott Francis

Peter Oliver

Colin McNally

Bea Cummings

Saharsh Stanley

Harper Francis

Grant Nawroth

Audrey Pappas

Christopher Israel

Vesper Francis

Eva McNally

Noah Nguyen

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