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CTC 25th Annual Tournament Schedule

This Saturday, March 10, 2018. Thank you to those who have registered for our annual tournament. Here is the schedule of events. We look forward to seeing you there.

8:15 - Judges and other volunteers arrive

8:30 - Check-in opens for all Little Tigers

9:00 - All Little Tigers begin

10:00 - Check-in opens for Children ages 6-9 years

10:30 - Children ages 6-9 years begin

11:45 - Check-in opens for Children ages 10-12 years

12:00 - Demonstrations

12:30 - Children ages 10-12 begin

1:45 - Check-in opens for Adults, Teens, and Black Belts

2:00 - Ring re-set/mini clean-up

2:15 - Adults, Teens and Black Belts begin

4:00 - Tournament Ends

We strive to stick as close as possible to this schedule, but please be aware that there will be some waiting time, particularly for the older children in the afternoon. Please check-in with uniform on at least thirty minutes prior to start time. At the close of tournament, any help with clean up would be appreciated.

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