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CTC Saturday Seminars - July 24, 2021

Join us, have fun, and expand your training!

When: Saturday, July 24 th, 12 pm to 6 pm

Where: Cincinnati Taekwondo Center

Who: All CTC Child and Adult students. Some seminars will be restricted by content to certain ages or experiences levels, but multiple offerings for everyone.

Who Two: Seminars will be taught by Masters Pappas, Kravitz, and Beard, with guests Grandmaster Schwab and Dr. Evan Yeung.

Our offerings will include:

12 pm to 1:15

SWORD -- New sword form taught by Grandmaster Schwab.

requirements: Ages 12+ or Master's permission

GROUNDFIGHTING -- Taught by Master Kravitz

requirements: ages 16+, OR red belt 13+

1:30 to 2:45

BREAKING -- Board breaking demo instruction by Grandmaster Schwab

requirements: Open to all ages/levels

SPARRING INTENSIVE -- Taught by Master Pappas

requirements: Blue belt +, must have own complete gear

3:00 to 4:15

BODY MECHANICS -- Increasing speed and power through fluidity in motion; taught by Dr. Evan Yeung

requirements: ages 16+ OR red belt 13+

PUNCH DEFENSE INTENSIVE -- Taught by Master Beard

requirements: Open to all ages/levels

4:30 to 5:45

2-PERSON STAFF FORM -- Taught by Masters Pappas and Kravitz

requirements: knowledge of staff form 1-3

STAFF BASICS -- Taught by Master Beard

requirements: Ages 10+

Cost: $25 per seminar, $80 for the full day

Family, staff, and BBC discounts apply

Register at the front desk


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